Wiesław Matuch

Snapshots from my life as an introduction to the Book “Padre Pio’s Knowledge”

Wiesław Matuch



I was born in Kolbuszowa, a small town near Rzeszów, on 20 February 1958. I want to warn you that my way is like “a great book of great adventures”. Probably so that I can understand myself and others. I never had bad intentions and I never intentionally did something wrong. My life on Earth was like that.


I found my way as a young man. But not alone. I was helped by ordinary people, mystics, and scientists from this world and the other world. I have been directing my movie from the afterlife since the moment I saw it. An in-depth and fundamental discovery of this road took place in two stages. At the age of 17 in Kraków, and when I was 20. I will briefly tell about it and explain why I am writing reflections about life. In fact, they are the most important and constitute the essence of things. Not my biography. It only served me to create writings to help wanderers of the cosmos. I dedicated them to the Mother of Jesus.


As a young boy, I loved bikes and motorbikes. I liked to fix them with my brothers. My father was a car mechanic. So, I honed my understanding of the operation of engines. After finishing elementary school, I went to a vocational school to become a watchmaker. After that, I went to a high school dedicated to cars. I did not finish it. Soon after, something I could not expect happened. I made a completely different decision. As a 17-year-old, I attended premarital meetings, because there was nothing else in the parish. Unfortunately, the only boy in the group of girls was much older than me. Weekly meetings were led by a very pretty, 30-year-old nun named Margaret. She saw I was meditative, asked questions, etc. She observed me. After less than a year, she asked if I wanted to join a religious order. I had a sudden revelation, and I said: “Of course!”. An so it began. From the pastor, I received a book about St. Stanislaus Kostka. I read it with tears in my eyes. I was already sure to join the Jesuit Order in Stara Wie near Brzozowo. I arranged everything and joined the novitiate. The atmosphere charmed me. Two years of the spiritual feast. Discipline like in the army – or even more so. Mass, meditation, afternoon reflections, and work in the garden every day. Books – a huge library to read. I could use all this spiritual wealth as I wanted. It doesn’t get much better than this… I was happy. Other brothers were polite and friendly. I was zealous and scrupulous. The spiritual master was very pleased with me. After two years of novitiate, I was sent to Kraków. I worked in the Publishing House of Prayer Apostolate at ul. Kopernika 26. First, as an accountant, and then as a clerk in the bookstore. I sold books and religious items. I had no desire to be a priest, just a humble brother. And I remained at that. With other clerics, we founded a musical band named INIGO. We visited different parishes and played during Masses – and after that, mini-concerts of religious songs. I have some photos.


In the order, I met a brother older than me by 30 years – Ludwik. His friendship completely changed by intellectual and spiritual life. We talked a lot… about Hinduism, reincarnation and so on. He knew it all, but this knowledge was officially banned. At last, he told me the thing I had been waiting for subconsciously. He told me that in Nowa Huta near Kraków I could talk to Padre Pio through Krystyna. How so, I asked? Ludwik smiled. Without thinking I believed and wanted these conversations. As it turned out, Ludwik had asked Padre Pio whether he could invite me to conversations. Padre had agreed. Ludwik had been very happy. Not everyone could talk to Padre Pio. There were nuns denied by Padre because they had no faith. For the first half of the year, Ludwik asked me to ask Padre Pio questions by mail. I wrote questions on a sheet of paper and Ludwik took them. Padre Pio answered immediately, or Ludwik left my letters to Krystyna. In this case, I would receive answers after a few days. I have one of these letters to this day. I burned the rest because I was afraid I would be thrown out of the order. Padre Pio then told me that I had done a good thing. Ludwik also concealed everything. For some time, it turned out that one of the superiors talked to Padre Pio in Nowa Huta…

After a long time, Ludwik told me it was time for a direct conversation with Padre Pio. So we went. In the beginning, it was a casual conversation with Krystyna. After a long pause, Padre Pio entered the conversation. Krystyna grinned, closing his eyes, and Padre Pio entered her. He crossed himself and I heard: “Peace be with you…” The conversation started. First, he told me that he had missed me and waited to talk to me. Then, I only cried… It was an amazing experience. During our first conversation, Padre Pio told mine about my whole future life. He outlined the profile of my stay on Earth and what I would do. He added: “it will be a great book of great adventures”. He said I had to go through all those states to understand other people. He also told I had been sent by Heaven. The most important thing, he said, is to write, write, write. Short thoughts, concise, using simple language. Write new things, not what has already been written by the church. I thought: what am I going to write if I don’t know anything? And indeed, for almost a year I didn’t touch a pen. During each subsequent conversation, Padre Pio reminded me to write. Seeing my incapacity, Padre Pio advised me to pick up some books, read, and then write my own things. It helped. Suddenly, I began to write. Even poems. I gave me great joy. In this way, I started my adventure with writing. On the occasion of another conversation, Padre said: “if you don’t write, you will go mad.” After many years, I have to admit that he was right. I was “forced” to write by dissatisfaction with myself. When I stopped writing, I became nervous. While writing – I was almost in Heaven. It persuaded me to write. I became calmer and insightful. I am not a writer, but I write. Even today, it is a marvel to me.


Padre Pio brought many saints to our conversations. I talked with almost all the major saints of our church. Among others, with sister Faustina, Queen Jadwiga, Holy Teresa, Jan Bosko, Michael the Archangel (he said: “Of all, you will need me the most, and I will bring you seven swords”), Francis of Assisi, who described himself as my first Patron, with whom I had talked many lifetimes ago. Specifically, 1 500 years ago. At the same time, he said that it was not relevant whether I would be in the order or not. I would do what I had to anyhow. He added: “God keeps His word.” Jan Bosko and the Great Theresa of Avila told me that they would be in my head all the time while writing. Therefore, writing about important issues was easy. Padre Pio said: “God gave you your head to understand great things.”

In the meantime, many persons from outside the order’s gate would come to me to talk about spiritual matters. I will give you one specific example. An assistant of the famous cartoonist, professor Wiktor Zin, attended our church. I often served during Masses, reading Scripture passages. She could see me. One day the porter called me and said I had a visitor downstairs. I went down, looked through the window, and saw an old lady. I asked how could I help. She said that she wanted to talk to me. Sure – I replied. I took the key to the parlour; we sat down and began talking. She said she did not know why, but she had to talk to me because her heart had told her so. I was surprised. I will not describe everything here. The finale, however, was such that we became friends. I showed her my thoughts transcribed on a writing machine. She took them. After a few days, she visited me again. She liked them and they had strengthened her spiritually. Because she was lonely and had time to herself, she decided to write my thoughts down and bind them. And so we began our cooperation. She typed and bound several hundred pages. To this day, I have two volumes. Halinka was very talented, she painted pictures, and loved beautiful things. She liked my writings and poems so much that she decided to arrange literary meetings of spiritual nature with students. We had these meetings for several years. Professor Zin himself invited Halinka with students several times. He had a large room to fit everyone. My poems and thoughts were read by the students. Often, with the backing music and slides.

My friendship with Halinka lasted a very long time – until her death.

Now I will describe how I was transferred from WAM Publishing House to the church of St. Barbara in the Small Market. I became a sacristan. Many people came there to order Masses. I wrote their intentions down and collected fees. Payment for the Masses offended me. But what could I do? It was part of my duties. In the meantime, I had conversations with Padre Pio in Nowa Huta. As usual, there were people who wanted to talk to me about spiritual matters. But there were also poor people, drunks, and drug addicts. I felt sorry for everyone. Suddenly, I decided to take a step and be disloyal to the order. I thought: there are so many in need, and I live like a king. I decided to share the money with the poor. I was paid for Masses every day, so I had the means to do it. I undercut the fees paid to me, and I gave the remainder to the poor. It lasted for a long time. At some point, I got scared, as more and more people came to the sacristy. I was watched by my supervisors. Therefore, I decided to meet the poor outside the monastery. I brought them the money to certain places. I was very happy that I could share the money with them, as should a brother. But the order, however, did not like it. I asked Padre Pio whether I should continue. He said I should, but also to be careful because my superiors were watching. To check up on me, they labelled banknotes. But I always succeeded. Just one of many adventures.


I will tell you one more story from the Small Market. During one of our conversations, Padre Pio informed me that two teenagers would come to me for help. A month passed. A girl and a boy came to the gate. Because I was visited by many people, the porter immediately called me. I went downstairs and already knew that they were the guests from Padre Pio. They needed food and a place to sleep. They ran away from the house. They came all the way from Silesia. I took care of them right away. I asked the sisters from the kitchen to give them what was left from dinner. I quickly fed them. Staying overnight, however, was problematic. They were teenagers, after all. My superiors would not agree. I took the matter into my own hands. On the first night, I accommodated them in the visiting room near the gate. On the second night, it also worked out. And on subsequent nights. It was winter. After a few days, the porter began to suspect something. I had to think of something else. Because I was the one opening and closing the church of St. Barbara (it was small and heated), I decided to accommodate them behind the altar. I would let them in at night and feed them in the morning. It lasted for many days. I talked to them about their problems, of course. After they left, the started writing letters. I did my part. In the end, Padre Pio had told me about their visit long before that.

After a while, life among Jesuits brought me no more joy. I was offended by their wealth and freedom. I needed more discipline. I decided to join the Franciscan Order. I visited their monastery. When I saw their way of living, I thought: they are even richer than my old order? The desire to join them left me. I decided to look for something more rigorous. My choice was the Camaldolese Monastery near Krakow. I went there. The abbot greeted me warmly. We talked for a long time. She said that I was a suitable candidate. That I could come. I was very happy, but also felt anxiety – would I be able to isolate myself from the world? Tight enclosure, single goals, lifelong silence. I informed Padre Pio about my intentions. I wanted it to be my own decision. When the time came to join the Camaldolese, I decided to ask Padre Pio about it. He said briefly: “You have a rich heart, you wouldn’t make it”. What a relief. I calmed down. Padre knew my capabilities, intentions, but also fears. I decided to stay where I was – as a brother in the Jesuit monastery.

As a 24-year-old, I decided to leave the convent. It was too tight. Ludwik was very much for that. So I married to experience family life. I still wrote down my thoughts and poem. Padre Pio said that he wanted to be a “grandfather”. And so it happened. I have two children – Wanda and Sławek. I raised them as I could. I graduated from a secondary school of agriculture. I worked all my life, among others, as a digital machine operator in Zeto Wroclaw. We got M5 – a large apartment. My wife was a teacher, so we were entitled to one additional room. Previously, however, I had worked physically for 10 hours a day. Therefore, we got the apartment quickly. Another adventure was awaiting. After 25 years of marriage, I divorced. I relinquished the house in aid of the children. I will not describe everything, the problems lasted for many years. A separate book could be written about this. Briefly.

Now, I am free. I improve my writings and try to take the steps foreseen by Padre Pio. The announced “great book of great adventures” is fulfilling itself. I still have some years left. Padre Pio told me I would live long because I was needed. More adventures will come, for sure. My main mission and adventure were writing and publishing this book. So that you can use Padre Pio’s Knowledge after my death. “I want you to help one soul, it already great. And you can help many souls.”. That’s what Padre Pio said.

I was talking to Padre Pio for 30 years. He conveyed an enormity of spiritual knowledge. All of this is contained in my writings. In them, I quote some direct statements of Padre Pio. He wanted me to dedicate my writings to the Blessed Mother, which I did. In the book “Padre Pio’s Knowledge”, I contained a lot of different ideas about life, the church, the world, and the cosmos. About the causes and consequences; the soul and the body; habits and “sin”; but mainly about Love, because, essentially, Padre Pio ordered me to write about Love. The Book can be read at random. The thoughts are from different years, recently improved by me to reflect the atmosphere of my conversations with Padre Pio.

At the end of my brief biography, I wanted to add that many people arrived to have conversations with Padre Pio for 50 or more years. The conversations took place during His life and after His death. When Padre Pio died, I was 10. My first conversation with Him was in Nowa Huta when I was 20. It was preceded by letters with questions to which Padre responded – like in the case of thousands of other people.